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Advanced Cosmetics & Aesthetics
  • Vampire Facial 

  • Pallet Rich Plasma treatment

  • Under Eye tear trough filler for hollow eyes, healing

      after eye surgery and improving skin appearance

  • Hair Loss treatment

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Advanced Cosmetics & Aesthetics
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Post Surgery & Liposuction Packages
Post Liposuction: 55mins  £80 or 6 Massages for £430
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Surgeons highly recommend this massage for clients who have had liposuction surgery to reduce oedema, swelling and help avoid painful scar tissue development. A manual or mechanical massage recommended depending on your specific body needs to help speed up your healing process.

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Massage therapy can only safely begin 24 to 48 hours after surgery when your doctor has confirmed that there are no contraindications.
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4D Face, Body & intimate Advanced Hifu Ultherapy
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A non-invasive and painless replacement for facelifts using high ultrasound energy to help stimulate new collagen production and gradually restoring elasticity by tightening the skin over the coming months to reverse the effects of time and gravity.

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A Painless alternative to conventional weight-loss surgeries for an improved sculpted body, treatments are two weeks apart, using innovative and unique technology to destroy fat cells without harming the surrounding areas as it shapes, lifts, & tones the body.

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Helps achieve the best pain-free rejuvenation results without any surgeries, trauma, side effects or downtime. It helps improve urine incontinence, labia appearance, dryness symptoms, effects of childbirth, and pain during sex (Dyspareunia). The high intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) increases the elasticity and tightening of the intimate muscles as new collagen production gradually increases over the next few months.

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We will recommend the most suitable options for your specific condition to achieve the best results.

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