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IV Drips
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A specially formulated blend of nutrients and amino acids to help achieve your ideal body goals, and improve body function effectively with digestion and reduce toxin overload.

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Refreshes and rehydrates ideal for when you need an extra boost when feeling dehydrated and dry.

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Ideal for all the gym bunnies out there and who have active and sporty lifestyles. Full of energy-boosting B vitamins & powerful amino acids to help speed up your recovery time and boost performance.

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Myers Classic Twist a multivitamin cocktail with essential nutrients to help energise and improve general well being, the perfect body introduction for your multi-nutrient IV therapy.

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Are also known as the cinderella and china doll drip with amazing skin lightening and brightening results, achieved by using glutathione to leave you glowing inside out.

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Specially formulated with glutathione, amino acids and active ingredients to help repair extracellular matrix and stimulate natural collagen growth & restore youthful radiance for a smoother and lightened complexion glowing inside out.

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