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Face & Body Packag
Body Glow & Sculpting Packages
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Freeze It, Break It, & Tone: from 40 Mins  £150

E-Cryolipolysis combined with muscle toning and acoustic shockwave helping improve lymphatic drainage, speed up the breakdown of fat cells, and strengthen muscles enhancing your final results by increasing collagen production.

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Your ultimate fat reduction/body contouring treatment package for instant inch loss results, with a combination of 4 in 1 treatment including a lymphatic drainage massage to reduce fat, improve lymphatic drainage and tighten skin.

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Body Contour & Face Glow55mins  £75

LED Glow Go Facial for an instant glow, combined with a body contouring treatment on an area to breakdown fat, lift & tighten loose skin, and improve lymph drainage.

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With an Indian head massage helping reduce stress and tension in the head by increasing oxygen to the scalp, improving blood flow and lymphatic drainage to the head, neck and shoulders, enhancing flexibility. A 3in1 treatment including LED light therapy and a Glow Go Facial to leave you feeling rejuvenated with an instant glow.

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Freeze It, Break It, & Tone: from 40 Mins  £150

You can now say goodbye to cellulite and hello to your new voluptuous, perkier, glowing & smooth bootylicious thong ready booty in no time!

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Wedding Packages 
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Pre-Wedding Ladies Body Sculpt:  £975
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We would love to be a part of your wedding journey to help you look and feel the best you ever have for your beautiful big day with our popular bespoke wedding packages, or we can create a unique package just for your
desired goals. Plan your treatments with plenty of time ahead over the following weeks and reduce the stress. Book yourself in for a consultation and start planning your journey as soon as possible for your special day.

Package includes:
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Pre-Wedding Gentleman's Glow:  £690

Pre-wedding gentleman package has been carefully selected with treatments to help you achieve an irresistibly clean face with a toned & improved body, so you can look and feel the best you ever have for your big day. Why wait to look your best when you could
start your beautiful journey of a lifetime with the love of your life. Packages can be

tailor-made just for you and spread over the following weeks or days, especially if it's a spare of the moment decision.

Package includes:
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Gift Voucher
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Gift Vouchers
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Gift Voucher
Make your someone special
 Feel Special!
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